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March 30, 2010


Remove or Disable Trash feature in WordPress 2.9

Are you looking to Remove Trash feature in wordpress 2.9 ? In Wordpress 2.9, you can see new feature which allows you to Trash a post instead of deleting it. In previous version of wordpress, it was Delete instead of Trash. Once you Trash the post, you have delete the post manually. This Trash feature will make your database larger.

March 30, 2010


Delete WP Super Cache plugin(WordPress) manually

Are you facing problem while uninstalling/deleting WP Super Cache plugin in wordpress ? Today i faced a problem when i was trying to delete a WP Super cache plugin in wordpress. So i prefer to delete WP Super cache plugin manually. You must delete all related data of plugin instead of just deleting WP Super Cache plugin folder from plugins directory in wordpress.

March 27, 2010


jQuery editable – Edit in place/Inline editing

Are you working with jQuery and want to update record in database with inline editing ? Yesterday i worked with jQuery-Ajax and update records in database without submission of form. You might be aware with jQuery-Ajax and update records in database but if you are looking for edit in place than here i am showing a way to edit a record in place.

March 25, 2010


Implementing Google Maps using API on your website

Are you looking to implement Google Map in your website ?? Do you have a Real estate property website ? If yes, the you must implement(integrate) Google map using API key into your website. Recently i have implemented the Google map into one of my client's website and it is very easy to implement.  Here i am showing you the step by step way to integrate the Google map into your website.

March 25, 2010


FCKEditor solution – How to store full URL for images (Show absolute path)

Today i came across a problem with FCKEditor. When i upload an image from fckeditor Browser Server option, it uploades correctly and insert image in content as well. But if i will send this content in email (for newsletter) than image will not be there as fckeditor inserts relative path in source of image. There should be a complete URL for image if you are sending this content into email. I was trying to find the way that how to insert the full url path when image uploads from FCKEditor.

March 24, 2010

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7 Useful Firefox add-ons for Web Developer

Are you a web developer ? If yes than you must using the Mozilla Firefox while developing any web application. Firefox is the best browser for developer to develop web application. But it is only the best when you are using add-ons functionality of Firefox. I am a PHP developer and i found that some of the firefox add-ons are very useful and must required while developing web application.

March 16, 2010

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Maximum Charactors/Words limit(counter) for textarea using Javascript/jQuery

Are you looking for limiting charactors/words entered in textarea? Today i need to implement the limit for description field where customer can only enter upto 255 charactor. If customer entered 255 charactors than i have to restrict customer from entering more charactors in textarea field. I came across below javascript/jQuery function using which i can easily restrict customer to enter limited charactors/words.

March 16, 2010


Sending email with multiple attachment using php’s mail() function

All we know how to send email in php. You might not be aware with sending email with attachment in php. If so than refer my previous article which explains how to send email with attachment(single). Today i have a special requirement where i need to send multiple attachments (more than one) in mail. If you are looking for send function for sending email with multiple attachment in php than here i am sharing the function using which you can send an email with mulitple attachment using php's mail function.

March 9, 2010


Redirect one domain to another using .htaccess

Are you looking for redirecting your website from one domain to another ? I was working for client who has a domain in .com and now they want to move full website into .ie domain. The problem is that all links has been crawled by major search engine. So if we remove all files from .com domain than it shows 404 not found (broken links) for .com domain links. Also we have to remove files to avoid duplicate content issues.

March 8, 2010


Sending email with attachment using php’s mail() function

All we know how to send email in php. If you are begineer in php than i must say php provides inbuilt mail function named as mail(). Using this function we can implement email functionality very easily just by passing four parameters (to, subject, message and headers). But what if you want to send an attachement with an email ? Today i came across a functionality where i need to send an email with attachment(Sending resume – doc file). Here i am sharing the function using which you can send an email with attachment using php's mail function.