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January 24, 2011


[WordPress] RAX – Google Adsense Plugin

RAX – Google Adsense Plugin helps you to add an ad of Google adsense whereever you want to add. You just need to put a short code or template code in order to display google adsense ad or any other ad network ads. This is very simple light weight plugin. Why should we go for heavy plugin which increase load on your wordpress blog ? This is a light plugin which can accomplish all your needs.

January 20, 2011

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[WordPress] RAX – Twitter Share Tweet Button And Counter

RAX – Twitter Share Tweet Button And Counter Plugin helps you to add a Twitter Tweet Share Button after content or below content automatically. This is light weight simple plugin which helps you and your visitors to share the post in twitter by just a one click.

January 19, 2011


WordPress Plugin:RAX-About Author WordPress Widget Plugin

RAX–About Author Widget Plugin helps you to add introduction about site owner in your sidebar area. Also you can add site contributor’s details as well. You can choose options from admin panel to add photo, align photo, add website url, add follow twitter profile and many more.

January 7, 2011


Differance between Clustered indexes Vs Non-clustered indexes

A clustered index is a special type of index that reorders the records in the table are physically stored. In non-technical way, you are telling the database to store close values to one another on the disk. This means, a table can have only one clustered index. This has the benefit of rapid scan / retrieval of records on any operation with clustered index values.