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How to Add Google+ Verified Authorship to your WordPress Blog?

Now a days everyone knows that how the search is getting social on internet. Google + has become a platform for bloggers to come across on the search results. It is also an integral part for wordpress blogs. Your content will appears more frequently on search engines if you have verified authorship of Google + and hence it would attract more traffic that is a boon to every blog so every bloggers wants to know how to implement Google + on wordpress blog; as it has been proven that the wordpress blogs are undoubtedly benefited by the Google having its plus verified authorship.
It is not that much time consuming but it will have a huge impact for your blog and hence finally with the new redesign it is added in the WPBeginner. In this article we will have a look on how to implement Google+rel=”author” tag on wordpress blog. You will be guided stepwise and I will make sure that you will have your blog a verified authorship after following the instructions.

What is Google plus rel=”Author” tag?
The Google+ rel=”Author” tag can easily add author image to your blog so when your content is searched on internet people will know about the author of the content, actually Google fetch image and shows result so don’t forget to use high quality image so that you come on search engines and get famous all day along so be sure that you have used the Google+ rel=”Author” tag.
This is really a very incredible feature which all bloggers must use on their word press blog so that they can get the best search engine results for their word press blog. This feature will also help in increasing the click through rates and conversation system…
Adding Google+ rel=”author” tag
Following are the steps for adding Google+ rel=”Author” tag
1. The initial and very important step for adding Google+ rel=”Author” tag in your word press blog is to first set up a Google plus profile because here the Google fetches your image form the Google plus profile. Now after making a Google plus account you have to fill your profile completely and try to make it attractive also add a high quality image to your Google plus profile.
2. In second step you have to insert the URL and name of the blogs you are contributing to.
3. Now in third step you have to go to your word press blog and add author link to your blog. This can be done in flowing ways:
For Single Author Blog
After doing this you have to wait till Google re- crawl your pages and blog posts and shows your pic with them.

For Multi-Authors Blog
If you are working in multi author blog then you have to insert an extra field in the author’s page. Here you have to add the code to the functioning of theme. This can be done as follows.
Now you have to link the Google profile which includes the rel=”Author” attribute in the author’s bio section, sing the following code using the following code:
1. google; ?>

Finally all the steps are over. To verify whether rel = “author” is properly configured or not for any pages whose author is the user,You can check these setting by opening Google’s Rich Snippets testing tool for making sure that you have properly implemented these settings or not….

This article is written by Jay Krishna Yadav . He is a contributor to http://blogging.org


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