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Browse Server & Image Upload Problem in CKEditor Solved

Hello Friends,

Some days ago, i moved from FCKEditor to CKEditor. CKEditor looks preety good but the problem is with upload image option. In demo application it shows me Browse Server & Upload button for uploading image or media but when i download it and integrate it into my web page, Browser Server and Upload option disappear. So i am not able to upload files from my local PC. I have to enter the URL of image manually and have to upload the image via FTP program.

I googled about this problem and searched in CKEditor forums. Finally i found the solution which solved Browse Server problem and i can Upload image from my local PC as well. Solution is to integrate the CKFinder in CKEditor. CKFinder is for uploading images and media. Below are the links for downloading CKFinder and integrating it in CKEditor.

If you find any problem in this than let me know by comment.


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