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October 16, 2014

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[Magento] How to add Dynamic Menu Item in User Dashboard

I am working with Magento project in recent days and my client asks me to add menu on left hand side in my dashboard. I set the menu in left side in dashboard so logged in users can access the menu link. Now client don’t want it static anymore. Client want it dynamic as per user’s ID.

March 21, 2014

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[OpenCart] Notice: Error: Password not accepted from server! Issue in mail.php on line 251

Hello Friends, I just got complain from my client that one of our past open cart project gives an error (Notice: Error: Password not accepted from server! in /public_html/system/library/mail.php on line 251) when he try to use forgot password feature. At first glance, it looks like something wrong with Open Cart core file as error

January 21, 2014

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[Facebook] Avoid No Thumbnail When Sharing Post

I got complain from my client regarding the No Thumbnail or Unrelated image when sharing blog post with Facebook. Facebook scripts reads all <img /> tags and display all images in choose options when you land on facebook share page. Sometimes, if time outs with facebook share script, it won’t show even single image.

August 2, 2013


[Opencart] Image Manager Not showing images in popup

I was working with Open Cart since last 4 years and today i got this error first time. When i got to edit product and Click on Image tab, it shows me images there. Now when i click on any image, it shows popup of Image Manager. Now I can only see image at left in Image Manager.

October 18, 2011


How to Increase Cookie Time for Magento Login

I was working in Magento since last couple of weeks and I was facing an issue of log out within very less time. I searched for it and came to know that Magento use Cookie for Login session. Somehow I need to increase Cookie time of Magento login and I can sort out the issue. I searched in Magento Admin panel and found the same.

August 3, 2011


[OpenCart] Enable URL Rewriting for SEO

Open Cart is getting popularity in Open Source Shopping Cart market. Open Cart has a great list of features and provide all standard shopping cart functionality. Also it is built with MVC architecture so developer also finds easy to make customization and changes compare to other shopping carts like Magento and ZenCart. I am working with Open Cart since last few days and want to enable URL Rewriting feature in Open Cart. Its easy to make it enable and working with .htaccess.

July 27, 2011


[OpenCart] Order Total Grand Total always zero(0)

I was working with Open Cart today and i found a strange issue that when i click on Add to Cart button, it adds product in Shopping cart. Everything works fine except Total Price. It shows Order Total to 0 in shopping cart page as well as Checkout page. I have searched a lot in code and check all the files related to Cart and function which calculate total of Order.

July 22, 2011

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[Magento] How to get all Manufactures in Magento

Are you working with Magento and wanted to get all manufactures list ? If yes than you are at the right place to get the solution for it. To get all manufactures lists in Magento, you just need to take below code. How to get all Manufactures in Magento, All manufactures in Magento, Magento get manufactures, Get manufactures in Magento, Solution for Getting Manufactures in Magento, Manufactures Products in Magento.

April 15, 2011



[Magento] Add Contact Us form in any page

Magento provide contact us form functionality by default. You can find a contact form link in the footer of your Magento website. However you can add this contact form in any Magento web page that you want to.

February 24, 2011



[Magento] How can Set Up Blog in Magento Admin

Many eCommerce websites have their blog pages along with shopping cart. Wordpress is the most popular for blogging but if you are using Magento and want a blog in your website than you can use Magento’s extension for installing blog. Reason for using Magento’s extension for blog is to manage shopping cart and blog from one admin panel.