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Cron Job Command for Direct Admin Control Panel

Hi Friends,

If you are stuck with setting up the Cron Job in Direct Admin panel, than here is a solution for you. Every hosting have different command settings for Cron Job set up. For Direct Admin panel, some of the previous command does not work now a days. here is the latest command for Cron Job set up which works 100% and I have recently set them up and works perfect.


Here is the Command for Executing Cron Job for Daily basis.

cd /home/user/domains/domain.com/public_html; /usr/local/bin/php -f script.php

Here you need to replace below.
1. Replace user with Username
2. Replace domain.com with your domain name.
3. Replace script.php with your Cron Job script file.

It looks easy command but it may save a lot of your time if you are stuck with this. Please share it via social media and help your friends to know and save time and money both. 🙂


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