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Error Solved Safari/Crome:’$(document).ready’ [undefined] is not a function

Hello Friends,

Today I was working with prototype.js and jQuery modal box. From the beginning, prototype.js is for Ajax call and now as per client’s requirement I was replacing jQuery in place of dojo library. In Mozilla Firefox (FF) and Internet Explorer (IE), it works fine but I was getting error only in Google Crome and Safari. Error says “TypeError: Result of expression ‘$(document).ready’ [undefined] is not a function”. After a little search in google, i found that the problem is with version of prototype.js. I was using 1.5.0 version of prototype.js and jQuery 1.3.2. I replaced 1.6.1 version of prototype.js and it solved error in both browser Google Crome and Apple Safari.

That’s it. Let me know if you find any problem.

Thank You!



  • Chothe Dinesh

    Thank you. Most of the “$(document).ready [undefined] is not a function ” related issues on Mac-Safari solved by putting jquery-1.5.2.js file.

    Dinesh Chothe.

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