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Freelancing is Tough!

If there is one thing that being a freelance PHP developer has taught me, it is that being freelancer (of any kind) is no easy business. First and foremost, while being your own boss is completely awesome at times, having no direction whatsoever can be tough. Should a problem arise, you don’t have a manager you can turn too to help guide you in the right direction.

One thing I have noticed by speaking with other freelancers, is that I am not alone. Those in the freelance writing, software development, and just about any other portal, experience some kind of trouble directly related to their freelance careers. One gentleman I spoke with was having trouble trying to figure out a way to market himself properly. When you think about, the typical promotional product from Quality Logo Products, Inc. just does not have the same appeal when handed out by a freelancer as compared to a massive corporation. Moreover, another woman was having trouble with self-discipline. She simply could not find a way from home when there are so many distractions.

So what are we to do!?!

From my own perspective, the only true solution to having a successful freelance career is experience. Experience really translates out to time—which is needed to locate and identify any potential pitfalls in your career. Once you are able to find these pitfalls or experience them firsthand, then you will have the knowledge necessary to deal with them should they arise again. I used to have trouble prioritizing, but as time went on I learned about various software programs (and even designed a few of my own) to help me schedule which tasks should be completed when based on their level of importance. Over time, I learned some tasks could wait, while others were best being completed ahead of time.

Sure, being a freelancer is difficult sometimes, but through good times and bad, I always find myself enduring a sense of freedom, as well as an overall feeling of accomplishment. Not being completely in charge all the time would be nice too, but if I had the choice between being my own boss and working for someone else—I would choose to be my own boss…over and over again.


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