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Getting started with Android Studio

Hello Friends,

If you are beginner in Android Application Development, here i am sharing you how to start from scratch. I will guide you through set up Android Studio and getting started with Android studio then after.

Android studio is fairly new IDE(Integrated Development Environment) made available for free by Google to Android Developers.

First, download android studio from Developer’s site. Once you are ready with Android studio, follow below steps to create your first project with Android Studio.

Note : Below steps are for Android Studio 2.0.0.

Step 1

1. The first step is to create a simple android application using Android Studio. When You click on Android Studio icon, it will show screen as below. You can start your application development by clicking on Start a new Android Studio Project.

Step 2

2. In a new installation frame should ask application name, package information and location of project.

Next, We are going to need to fill out some fields to describe our application.

1. Application Name : This is what our application will be called, and what will be show to the user.Choose “My Application” or any custom name.

2. Company Domain : Qualifier for your Project’s package Name. For Ex : mycompany.com

3. Package Name : Fully qualified project package name. Should follow reverse doamin name notation (Also called Reverse DNS)For Ex : com.mycompany.myapplication

4. Project Location : Directory to store your project in.

Step 3

3. After entered application name it going to be called select the form factors your application runs on, here need to specify Minimum SDK, in this tutorial, i have declared as API 23 : Android 6.0(Marshmallow)

For now, Only selectPhone and Tablet.
The Minimum SDK is the lower bound of your app.
From the Mimimum SDK Android Studio will tell you (Approx)what percentage of devices will support this version.

Step 4

4. The next level of installation should contain selecting the activity to mobile, it specifies the default layout for Application.
In android, an activity is a single screen that will be prersented to the user.
For this example choose Empty Activity and click on next.

Step 5

5. Here if you wish, you can change the name of activity and layout.
A good manner is to keep Activity as a suffix for the activity name, and activity_ as a prefix for the layout name.

Now , Click on Finish.

Step 6

6. Now Android Studio will configure our project, which can take some time depending on system.

Enjoy !! Your Project is Ready.

In upcoming post we will get familiar with Andoid studio Folder Structure.