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.htaccess is invisible – How to make it visible in FTP Program like CuteFTP , Filezilla

Hello Friends,

As all we know that .htaccess is very popular for redirecting URLS and making SEO Friendly URLS. Using htaccess , your url looks like static url and most search engines can read your url very easily. Dynamic url with query string is difficult to read for search engines as there will be a query string in url.

For using htaccess, you can create .htaccess file and upload it to root folder or wherever you would like to apply rules using any FTP software. But it might be possible that .htaccess becomes invisible once you upload it. This may be security from hosting side. I faced the same problem CuteFTP. I solved this and make htaccess visible by making some change in settings.

To make .htaccess visible ,you just need to follow the below steps.

In CuteFTP:

1) Open CuteFTP and Enter Hostname , Username and Password.
2) Click Action tab in Settings
3) Click on Filter button
4) tick on Enable server side filtering
5) Enter -a in Remote filter
6) click on apply & connect.

In FileZilla:

For FileZilla 2,
1) Click on Settings.
2) Select Edit -> Settings -> Interface settings -> Remote file list
3) Tick check box syas Always show hidden files & press ok.

For FileZilla 3,
1) Click on Server from top navigation.
2) Click on Force showing hidden files at last option
3) Press ok when it shows warning.

Now you can see the .htaccess visible in your ftp. Comment me if you faced any problem.

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