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The Importance of Updating Your WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a leading open-source CMS system. You may notice that there are many tabs on the administrator dashboard. But it is unfortunate that some things go unnoticed when they should not. It includes the plug-in updates.

It hardly matter whether you have hundreds of plug-ins or just one but which matter most is that you update your plug-ins on the day a new update comes out. When the plugin update comes out in market means its have added with some new awesome features and some new functionality which is help us.

If you don’t do that, then there are some reasons why you should wordPress Plugin:

1. Security Flaws:
All the plug-in developers are not equally created. Some are able to create flawless code while it’s not possible for others. Flaws can be found now and then. It’s just a way of life. It is very important that you update your plug-ins because if a wrong person finds out your old version of Plug-in; your WordPress website might be at risk.

2. Function:
You might know that WordPress update its version in every few weeks. So you should update your WordPress every time a new version of update comes out. It’s very important that you keep your plugins updated. If you don’t do so, and only update your WordPress version not the plugins, then you might put your system’s functionality at risk. To make sure that everything is running smoothly it is recommended that you update your plugins before you update the WordPress version.

3. Features:
Because of flaws or function reasons sometimes a plugin does not offer an update. But developers may do things lot easier for you as they may have added some features instead. Before you update most reputed developers will offer an update documentation sheet from where you can see what was updated and what needs to be updated. Most of the time this features is added due to thousands of feedback from the users across the internet.

4. It’s Fast:
You should know that it just takes a few minutes to update your plugins. For those lazy persons you should also know that you can update all your plugins only by a single click. In early years before this nifty features was around, one had to update their plugins manually to their respective servers. Those hectic days are gone now thankfully.

5. Performance:
What is most annoying to the visitors is a slow website, and it can harm your search engine rankings. Some plugins are fast but some may slow your website down over time. So if you face this kind of problem which is slowing down your website, it may be due to slower plugins.

6. Spam Attack:
Like the security flaws mentioned earlier, some plugins can lead to spam attacks. This spam attack can be seen with comment related plugins. Automated bots can easily pick out a line of code or a footprint from your website that each plugins has. They can easily spam your comments with that source of information or even they can attempt a backdoor hack.

Updating your plugin is very fast and easy. You can even update at least 50 plugins before you finish this article. So next time if you see a number near to the update section on the administrator panel, don’t ignore it. Rather just take a few seconds of your time for getting your plugins updated. It will keep your website safe and fast.

This article is written by Jay Krishna Yadav, he is a part-time blogger and an article writer .He has his guest posting and link building service.He visit web design library – a blog that offers quality service. He loves to be a part of this blog as a contributor.


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