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[jQuery] Blocked loading mixed active content

Hi Friends,

Today all of sudden my client reported me “Blocked loading mixed active content” error. I was unsure about such error. I found a solution quickly but would like to share with you guys so if you had such issue in future, you can easily fix it.

Do you know Mixed Content?

When a user visits any url or page using HTTP protocol, their connection is open for eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. On the other hand, When a user open any url or page using HTTPS protocol, their connection is secure. Connection with web server is authenticated and encrypted with SSL.

However, if an HTTPS page includes any links contains HTTP protocol, that portion can be modified by attackers. So an HTTPS page has HTTP content, we call such content as “mixed”. Web pages with HTTPS containing HTTP links are only partially encrypted, since some of the content is retrieved unencrypted over HTTP. The Mixed Content Blocker blocks certain HTTP requests on HTTPS pages.

To fix this, make sure if you are using SSL certificate, do not use any HTTP links for JS, CSS, iframes etc and vice versa.

I hope this will fix your issue.