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[Magento] Print Error/Exception on Browser or Email it

Hi Friends,

Magento provides an options to handle error/exception messages. Error can be displayed on Browsers or you can send full error description in an email. In a previous version of Magento, error can be visible on Browser itself while deployment the project. But in new version of Magento, they stored the error in a log file and display the file name only on browser. This is very good way to handle the error and make the web page pretty good whenever error comes. When we develop the application or project, it is too much time consuming to take a look at file whenever error comes. In order to show error on browser itself in Magento, follow

Follow below steps.

1) Open errors\local.xml
2) If you dont fins such file than find local.xml.sample and rename it to local.xml.
3) Search <action>. Put print in between this xml tag.
4) You are done.

If you want to mail the error than just set email for <action> tag.

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