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[Opencart] Image Manager Not showing images in popup

Hi Friends,

I was working with Open Cart since last 4 years and today i got this error first time. When i got to edit product and Click on Image tab, it shows me images there. Now when i click on any image, it shows popup of Image Manager. Now I can only see image at left in Image Manager. When i click to open it, it does not show anything. When I create new folder nothing happens.

Image folder is there and permission are also fine. Everything was working fine and suddenly this stops working. My lot of client complain me about past projects.

After searching for this issue, I came to know that its an issue with admin/index.php file. There is a white space at the end of file after ?> tag.

Remove anything which is after ?> tag. Everything will work as it was working in past.

I am here to help if this can not fix the issue at your end.



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