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[OpenCart] Notice: Error: Password not accepted from server! Issue in mail.php on line 251

Hello Friends,

I just got complain from my client that one of our past open cart project gives an error (Notice: Error: Password not accepted from server! in /public_html/system/library/mail.php on line 251) when he try to use forgot password feature. At first glance, it looks like something wrong with Open Cart core file as error comes in library file.

I have looked at it and came to know that error is also coming in Account Registration page. so its an error of sending email. I went to Admin Panel and see that error comes due to Mail Protocol settings changed by client from normal php mail to SMTP email settings. When he made change to SMTP email settings, he did not enter correct password. As as result it throws error says “Notice: Error: Password not accepted from server” when system is trying to make SMTP connection for sending an forgot password link to user.


Here is how to revert it back to normal mail protocol if you are not aware where to set it.
Go to..
# System -> Settings
# (Default Store) Edit
# Click on Mail tab

Here set it back to php mail if you did not found your correct SMTP password. If you have correct SMTP Password, than set it back to SMTP in Mail Protocol.


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