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[OpenCart] Order Total Grand Total always zero(0)

Hello Friends,

I was working with Open Cart today and i found a strange issue that when i click on Add to Cart button, it adds product in Shopping cart. Everything works fine except Total Price. It shows Order Total to 0 in shopping cart page as well as Checkout page. I have searched a lot in code and check all the files related to Cart and function which calculate total of Order. All code is same as Open Cart provides. Since morning, i was searching for this and finally i got it issue and resolved it. Now it shows Order Total in Shopping Cart page and Grand Total in Checkout page.

This issue arise because “SubTotal” module was disabled. You just need to enable this module. To enable Sub Total module, follow below steps.
1. Login in to Admin Panel.
2. Go to Extensions > Order Totals.
3. Find Sub Total and Edit the module.
4. Enable it and Save it.
5. You are Done.

This easy trick solve the Grand Total to 0 or Order Total to 0 issue. Now you can see Total Price in Shopping Cart page, Quick Shopping Cart View Total and Order Total at Checkout page.



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