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Openx Track/Log Requests Customization

Hello Friends,

Openx is an ad sever platform who provide you ad serving solution to power all of your digital advertising. I am working with mobile advertising platform application and i have used Openx-2.8 for ad delivery. Now my client needs some customization for tracking requests/ log requests by country, region and city. Openx is tracking requests in ‘data_bkt_r’ table and transfer it to another table ‘data_summary_ad_hourly’ after every one hour. This are the total requests for particular campaign or zone.

Now if you want to track requests for particular country or region or city than you need to make some changes and need to create another table for country as well. Using these extra table and tracking/logging requests, you are able to show reporting or some well analyze requests statistics which is very very useful for advertiser as well as publisher (Site User).

Below are the steps you need to follow to show Openx Country wise Reporting/ Openx Country wise requests tracking. If you want to track country wise impressions and country wise clicks also than click here. Openx Track/Log Impressions Customization and Openx Track/Log Clicks Customization

1) Create table for country wise requests tracking.
For e.g. ‘data_bkt_country_r’ (structure is same as data_bkt_r)
– add extra fields whatever you need to track by. like Country code, Region, City, IPaddress etc.

2) Open logRequest.delivery.php file. (Path: Openx\plugins\deliveryLog\oxLogRequest)
– This is the file where Openx is tracking requests. So you have datetime, creative_id(campaignid) and zone_id. You can write your logic here for getting country and other related data. Add all data in new table which we have created earlier (‘data_bkt_country_r’).

3) Now you are done with tracking requests by country, region or city. Openx is transferring data from ‘data_bkt_r’ table to ‘data_summary_ad_hourly’ with impressions and clicks along with requests.

Let me know if you find any problem.


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  • Tim

    How does maintainence know to transfere data from your new country table to the summary and do you have to create new fields in the summary table?

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