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[PHP] Generate Password Protected Excel file using PHPExcel

Hello Friends,

I was working with PHPExcel to generate Excel workbook and worksheet in PHP. My client want the password generated Excel workbook and worksheet which needs to send in email. I can generate the Excel using PHPExcel in PHP. But to make them password protected, it’s a new task for me and after searching a little bit, I found the solution. You might need this in future so have a look.

In Excel, you can generate Excel Workbook as well as Excel Worksheet. You can make both of them password protected. Have a look at code for both cases.

Generate Password Protected Excel Workbook


Generate Password Protected Excel Worksheet



Hope it helps you and save you time. If you think it saves your time, please spend couple of minute to share it to your social media and help others to save their time and affort. Generate Password Protected Excel file using PHPExcel! Thank you!


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