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[PHP] Some Important Facts a developer should know

A programming language used to design dynamic web pages. It is generally used to get data out of the database and display it on the web page. PHP can be spread on many web servers and almost on all operating systems without charging any cost and released under PHP license. It has also resulted in the growth of many frameworks that provide further steps for building and designing structures for promoting application development. PHP has many basic functions and many more extensions. These functions and extensions are smoothly executed on the PHP site.

The visibility and presentation of PHP properties are the vision in PHP. And the visibility is expressed by using the keywords public, private and protected.

A PHP developer should know 10 interesting facts:

  1. PHP in its original sense stands for Personal Home Page and officially it stands for ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’.
  2. It is the most commonly used and common purpose programming language. It is that scripting language which can be written in HTML context also.

  3. The PHP code provides an output which is combined with the script of HTML and after that results are sent to the person designing web pages.
  4. PHP 3 was officially launched in June 1998, PHP 5 has already been developed and PHP 6 is under development. The major changes taken place are the removal of magic quotations, safe mode etc.

  5. PHP has launched some of the biggest online brands such as Facebook, Friendster, Flickr, yahoo etc.

  6. For designing the web pages PHP takes into account two types of programming; procedural programming and object oriented programming.
  7. The possibility of using PHP is in every operating system for say in Linux, Microsoft, and Windows etc.
  8. The strength of PHP developers is about 5 million throughout the world.
  9. There is a sign in feature requesting separate user name and password also which is mandatory and helps in securing the website.
  10. A script having PHP code can help in many ways such as creating images, reading and writing files.

The PHP language is controlled by an interpreter and that interprets only executes PHP code within its delimiters. Anything beyond the delimiters is not able to get processed by PHP. While delimiters used within the said limit, can make script files less portable. The main purpose of all these delimiters is division of PHP code from non-PHP code, also including HTML. PHP language allows programmers to write extensions in C language to add a type of functional sense to the PHP language. The PHP language’s external core functions such like as those which deals with strings and arrays also implemented as an extension. There are some common criticisms of the PHP language which include lack of support for object-oriented programming, exception handling etc. In the years passed there have been some issues found relating to the security check within this framework. Despite of this criticism from PHP designers and programmers, PHP is still the named n most popular scripting language in the world.

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