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Helo Friends,

I am working with WordPress and sometimes it may happen that client will not provide MySql access and we need a database to setup in our local system to work. I was in same situation and to move with that, I have installed Portable PHPMyAdmin Plugin in WordPress site. Once I installed and activate the plugin, I saw Portable PMA link in navigation. I clicked on it and it ask me for Username and Password of MySql.

I got Username and Password from wp-config.php file and when I enter it, it shows me wired message.


To resolve this, you just need to change the host name of mysql. You can change it from config file of portable phpmyadmin plugin. To change the host name, go to..

Now go to line 51 and change the value to “localhost”.

I am sure this will solved your problem and you can now login to phpmyadmin.

I would be happy to help you if you face any problem. Comment below if you have any questions or you are getting any other issues.

#2005 – UNKNOWN MYSQL SERVER HOST ‘WP_HOST’, Portable PHPMyAdmin not working, Portable PHPMyAdmin Plugin Error, Portable PHPMyAdmin unknown mysql server host, Portable PHPMyAdmin unknown host wp_host


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