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Problem with Insert/Edit image or link in Browse server – FCKEditor

Hello Friends,

Are you facing problem when Browser Server of Insert/Edit image or Insert/Edit link in FCKEditor ? Yesterday when i was working with FCKEditor and click on Insert/Edit image than click on Upload tab and browser a file from local machine. When i click on "Send it to Server", it shows a message like "Your file has been successfully uploaded". Now if i want to use the same image again than i should go to Browse Server and select the image which was previously uploaded. But it is not showing any uploaded image from "Upload" tab (Which can be said as Quick Upload). This is the problem with Image Path. Image was uploaded in "userfiles" folder instead of "userfile/image" folder. As in Browse Server it will not show any files from userfiles folder so you have to change the default image upload path.

Same for other files like pdf upload, media upload, flash file upload, document upload etc. So you have to change the default path of Image, File, Flash and Media in order to make it visible in Browser Server page and reuse it again. Below is the solution.

Open the config.php file. Here is the full path of this file (FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/php/config.php).


$Config['QuickUploadPath']['Image'] = $Config['UserFilesPath'] ;
$Config['QuickUploadAbsolutePath']['Image'] = $Config['UserFilesAbsolutePath'] ;


$Config['QuickUploadPath']['Image'] = $Config['FileTypesPath']['Image'] ;
$Config['QuickUploadAbsolutePath']['Image'] = $Config['FileTypesAbsolutePath']['Image'] ;

Above is for default image path. You can set default file path in similar way. Thats it.

If you find any problem in this than let me know by comment.


  • Contactsiva Spc

    If I upload a file using Insert/Edit Link it is not uploading the file, it shows the file uploaded to server but it not there in server, and the path shows like ./test.jpg

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