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How to Record Video Using WebCam in PHP

Hello Friends,

I was working with one video creating website.Client wants me to implement Record video Using Webcam in PHP. This is a very good experience for me as I had never worked before for record video. Its interesting and challenging work for me. At the first talk with client, I gave up and not sure that I can do it using via PHP. We need to enable device WebCam and record video which is possible with any flash script. Challenging work is after that which is saving recorded video, email it to client and also show it in admin panel.

Client supported me and shown trust on me that I can do it. We have started work on it and little by little, we have successfully finished the job and client is also satisfied. Here is what we have done..

1. Record Video using Camera Web Cam with Flash script in PHP
2. Save Video using RED 5 Server (RED 5 is Free. We need dedicated hosting for this and need to pay extra to hosting people to install RED 5 server)

This is one of my best project of my career. I was under a lot of pressure and I got some help from my friends as well to go ahead with RED 5 Server, set path for Saving Recorded Video, find flash script which will enable webcam and record video using device camera and finally save using RTMP red 5 server. I spent almost couple of days to set rtmp path and of a demo working on server and saving video on server.

I would like to take on with such project and can finish project quickly as I have already implemented it and I am well aware with everything. Record Video using Web Cam in PHP, Record & Save Video RED 5, Record Video and Save using RTMP, Record Video RTMP Oflademo, Set up RED 5 and Save Recorded Video, Red 5 Install and Record Video.

Thank You!



  • James Abuda

    WOW! thats very interesting and challenging work for you :-). Hope I can learn that too..

  • That is a good experience for you brother and it should be an eye opener for you and php programmers too like us.

    I would love to have a pip at the solution and source code too.

    More grease to your ebow.

    Dan kess

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