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Remove or Disable Trash feature in WordPress 2.9

Hello Friends,

Are you looking to Remove Trash feature in wordpress 2.9 ? In WordPress 2.9, you can see new feature which allows you to Trash a post instead of deleting it. In previous version of wordpress, it was Delete instead of Trash. Once you Trash the post, you have delete the post manually. This Trash feature will make your database larger.

Posts will be stored in Trash till 30 days by default. If you would like to reduce the time than add below line to wp-config.php file.

define('EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 10);

Once you write above line in wp-config.php, Trash post will be deleted after 10 days instead of 30 days.   

If you don't want the trash feature anymore, you can disable it permanently. If you want to do the same than add below line in wp-config.php file.

define('EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 0);

Once you will write above line in wp-config.php, it will show Delete Permanently instead of Trash.

Thats it.

If you find any problem in this than let me know by comment.

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  • xavier

    Thank you, this feature is important when you need to build a community ant the users are able to see each other posts in the trash can, even Administrator deleted posts!. It worked for me.

  • xavier

    it has been a year since my last comment about this feature and it still works. thank you!.

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