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Start with PHP Programming

If you are new in Web Development world and would like to built up your carrier towards PHP Developer than this is going to be a greatest tutorial for starting point of view. To start with the PHP programming , you should know the Facts of PHP by clicking here. Now , you should have the following tools to start with programming in PHP.

  • PHP Download PHP to find the latest version of PHP and download it.
  • Web-Server – As PHP is a server-side language , you need a web-server to run the PHP code. One of the most popular and commonly used web server is Apache web-server.
  • Database – As you are going to built-up Dyanamic web pages , you would essentially need one database for their website. Most Popular and Commonly used database is MySQL, as it is a fully open-source.

Instead of downloading all the above tools, you can go for one of the Integrated packages, called a WAMP (Window Apache MySQL PHP) for Windows and LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) for Linux and so on. I am using Window operating system so i have downloaded WAMP for Apache as the Web-server, MySQL as database and PHP. The Linux equivalent is WAMP.

If you are using any other operating system than visit the below link , and find your suitable package according to your operating system. http://bitnami.org/stacks

Note : You can also go downaload XAMPP as a web server package which is for Windows.

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