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February 16, 2010


Upload large(Big) files in PHP using .htaccess

I have seen many developers who find difficulties when working with larger files upload in php. When files which are too large in size, needs to be uploaded by php than you have to change the default file size either from php.ini OR httpd.conf OR using .htaccess. Default upload file size will be 2MB. If you are uploading file which is larger than 2MB size than here i am showing you the way to upload larger files using PHP.

February 15, 2010


How to send email from localhost(XAMPP or WAMP) in PHP in Windows

Whenever you works in local server (XAMPP or WAMP) for developing any email functionality in website, than you might be wonder that why email is not going from localhost(XAMPP or WAMP) in windows environment. Well, i faced the same situation and in this case i can help you. Below is the error you might get when working with email.

February 6, 2010


How to set PHP configuration(php.ini) values from .htaccess file

There might be situation where you need to change php configuration values when you work on server. In local apache server, you can easily change the php configuration values using php.ini file from directory. But what will you do as php.ini is not visible on server ? The solution is .htaccess which is visible on server(.htaccess invisible ?). Using .htaccess you can change the php configuration values.