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April 27, 2011

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[Solved] Cooloris 3D Wall Crossdomain.xml error

I was implementing Cooloris 3D Wall. After so much trouble, i get success in implementing Cooloris 3D Wall. If you are facing problem in implementing Cooloris 3D Wall Gallery with your own Media RSS than look at my last post. If you are done with implementing Cooloris 3D Wall and facing a crossdomain.xml issue than follow below instructions.

April 27, 2011

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[Solved] Cooloris 3D Wall – Not Working – Media RSS – Flickr Picasa RSS

I was implementing Cooloris 3D Wall for one of my client. I followed the instructions given in Cooloris site. I am really unhappy with their documents, help, forums and developer section. They are not clear with the point how to implement media RSS in Cooloris 3D Wall. I searched in Google but not finding any solutions. Peoples or developers are searching for the code and they are just trying to solve by try-error method.